Medical Record Scanning

Have All Your Charts Scanned into Your EMR the Day You Go Live

Easy Transition to Electronic Medical Records

With ScanMyCharts Medical Record Scanning, you can have all your paper charts embedded into your EMR software the day you start using it. You’ll never have to worry about going back and forth between paper and electronic charts because all your files – whether old or new – will be stored in your EMR software. ScanMyCharts medical chart scanning service scans your patient records in such a way that the electronic chart will maintain the look and feel of your old paper chart. This means you can keep the same organizational tabs and everything will be in the same order you keep it. It’s easy to get used to, and it will make your EMR transition smoother.

Ultimate Data Security

With all the ominous flooding and natural disasters, it’s more important than ever to keep your patient charts secured. When ScanMyCharts scans your medical records, you can easily back them up to ensure you’ll always be able to access them. Paper charts are easily lost, broken and damaged. Backed up at a secure location, you can be sure they’re safe from water, fire or any other type of damage.

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