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Lytec 2015

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Lytec 2015 Compliance

Lytec MD

Meeting HIPAA and ANSI 5010 requirements, Lytec 2015 delivers your compliance needs.  Revenue manager is the interface that allows Lytec to send true ANSI 5010 format (837).

Lytec 2015 Database

Regardless of whether you’re using Lytec Single-User, Multi-User, or Client/Server, you will enjoy the power of the Microsoft SQL database and all the flexibility it gives you.  An ODBC driver is available if you need to connect to the database to pull out or to push data.  An HL7 interface is also available to communicate with other devices, labs, and third-party applications.

Lytec 2015 Reports

Lytec 2015 Reports are the most comprehensive reports you’ll find in the industry.  The report filters are so simple and powerful that you can meet the most demanding requirements for your practice.

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Lytec MD 2015

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Lytec 2015 Patient Statements

Lytec MD

Regardless of whether you want to print your statements in house or use the electronic statements clearinghouse, you will get the most elegant and easy-to-read statements possible. It will increase your cash flow while reducing your patient calls with questions about their statements.

Lytec 2015 Patient Scheduling

Whether you want to use the word "free" or "included," Lytec 2015 comes with one of the most powerful patient schedules in the industry that allows you to create patient appointments with reasons and procedures linked to them. Lytec 2015 patient scheduling will be able to give you a list of all the patients that were seen and never billed. You can also bill directly from the scheduling view and run the most popular practice report, "Missing Opportunity." This report will give you a list of all the patients who have not been in to your practice based on procedure and diagnosis during a specified period of time.

Lytec 2015 Inventory

Lytec 2015 is equipped with inventory tracking that will allow you to track medications, supplies or medical equipment. The inventory will automatically get reduced as you bill the inventory items and it will get increased as you receive new inventory.

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