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Processing Patient Statements in Medisoft and Lytec Just Got Easier!

BillFlash Electronic Statement Processing

Faster Patient Payments, Less Hassle. BillFlash electronic statements

Billing is the most critical revenue operation for any practice. But, getting patient statements printed and mailed requires several hours, or even days, every month to print, sort, fold, insert, seal, meter, mail, and troubleshoot.

Monthly statement challenges can drive Billers crazy. In fact, we continue to hear from Billers that feel forced to make unfortunate trade offs such as sending bills out late or not at all. These trade-offs jeopardize cash flow and increase collection costs.

It doesn't have to be this hard. With BillFlash it is both easy and economical to get your statements out on time every time. In just 5 minutes you can create professional statements that will be mailed by the next business day. You'll save hours, even days, and you will save real money too.

The ease-of-use does not make you relinquish control over who gets statements though. With BillFlash's powerful features, you'll be able to review all the statements and pull the ones you don't want to send with no extra costs.

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