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Medical Billing and Patient Accounting with Allscripts MyWay

Allscripts MyWay is now Allscripts Professional - more info

Allscripts MyWay Patient Accounting and Appointment Scheduling Software

In today’s competitive environment, medical practices face unprecedented demands to reduce clinical and administrative costs while meeting tighter compliance and security mandates. physician practices are looking to create a high performance organization that provides excellent care and lower overhead with the highest possible viability. therefore, when you purchase a practice management system, you’ll need the experience and cred- ibility of a company that aligns with these goals. Our robust practice management solution produces more effective and efficient workflows that you’d expect from a market leader, to send dollars straight to the bottom line.

Appointment Scheduling

Allocate precious resources – physicians, nurses, exam rooms, equipment, and time – to make the most of each day. Be flexible enough to handle cancellations, blocked times, emergency visits, and waiting lists with equal ease. With an intuitive interface, color-coding, overbooking protection, location tracking, and information access by everyone in the practice, all the necessary tools to be in control of appointments and schedules are available.

Patient Demographics

Build complete, thorough patient records that capture all the key details— background and demographic entries; information on contacts, employment, insurance, and responsible parties; visual records from scanned documents. Now, integrate it all into one comprehensive profile of the patient that can be tied to the clinical and accounting sides of the business.

Insurance and Driver’s License Scanning

Scanning includes optical character recognition and automatically adds a patient picture to the chart as well as populates demographics into the system.


Based on clinical coding and services performed, capture charges and perform billing entries almost immediately. Automate capitation and contractual adjustments to keep charge entries and accounts receivable accurate. And build a complete audit trail to safeguard the financial side of your practice. Throughout the entire accounting cycle and process, you’ve got complete and secure control to manage every charge, transaction, referral, and change along the way.


Integration between Allscripts MyWay Practice Management and EHR functions gives an extra helping hand and measure of control—single master files, single patient records, and single system to administer.

CodeCheck (optional)

Built-in coding and compliance alerts, convenient research tools, streamlined CCI/LMRP edits, and automated updates to coding information (e.g., CPT/HCPCS, ICD- 9)—improves compliance, increases billing accuracy, and speeds turnaround.

Eligibility Verification

Real-time access to insurance eligibility and benefit information for commercial and government payers—reduces time-consuming call backs, permits eligibility checks prior to service, lowers denials, and improves cash flow.

3M Claim Scrubber (optional)

Identifies potential coding errors before submission to payers, reduces claim denials, optimizes reimbursement, identifies missing charges, ensures regulatory compliance, dramatically reduces days in AR, and detects and allows correction to billing system inefficiencies. No hardware or software upgrades are required which reduces capital expenditures. Good solution for clients who do not chose Payerpath in the On Demand Plus version.

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Allscripts MyWay is now Allscripts Professional - more info