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Allscripts MyWay EMR Features

Allscripts MyWay is now Allscripts Professional - more info

Allscripts MyWay Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Now every medical practice, regardless of size, can enjoy the same technology advantages as the largest enterprise operation. Allscripts MyWay (formerly Misys MyWay) is a comprehensive “right sized” solution that gives small practices and even solo practitioners the key application features and functions necessary for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management, and Claims Management.

Adaptive Learning

The application learns and adapts to each user’s patterns and preferences, making workflow and charting faster and easier.

Intelligent Navigation

Automatically displays relevant clinical content based on presenting symptoms, even to the point of suggesting next logical entry options. Move freely anywhere without enter/exit screens to quickly find needed information.

Template-Free Charting

Allows providers to document multiple complaints; move anywhere within the application; search by diagnosis, symptom, care plans; recommend preventive visits.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Allscripts pulls information directly from scanned documents such as driver's licenses and insurance cards.

Wolters Kluwer Health

High quality clinical content for point of care documentation.

Patient History

Get instant access to patient files and clinical details from any location, at any time. Share pertinent data securely with practice colleagues. Having all the information you need in electronic form and in one place eliminates the paper chart chase and missing file syndrome forever.

Clinical Charting

The adaptive learning and intelligent navigation features of Allscripts MyWay EHR speed up the entire documentation process ... and the more it’s used, the more it follows preferences and routines. Build and save recurring findings and prescriptions as order sets to be used repeatedly. Add clinical descriptions on the fly; access lab results, images, and notes to complete the picture. Work with multiple symptoms or multiple patients at the same time; that’s the reality of a primary care practice. And, there are no templates to limit your options.


It’s never been simpler to write, send, refill and track prescriptions. This aspect of a daily routine just got a lot easier. (Available soon: Access medication histories, look up formularies, and check for interactions to safeguard patients.)

Lab Orders and Results

These activities build an important part of patient records, and also impact workload and schedule. Now quickly create panels of commonly ordered tests, or order multiple tests with a single click.

Patient Follow-up

Caring for patients doesn’t end when the visit is over. They want to know lab results quickly, too; and others need health maintenance reminders or disease management recommendations. Easy access to all necessary information; intelligent and intuitive ways to take care of daily clinical activities; flexibility to match workflows and routines; the ability to focus on patients without worrying about the underlying technology.

Patient Education (optional)

“Advisors” enhance patient understanding for improved compliance and clinical outcomes; they can standardize patient education through institution-wide implementations. “Advisors” improve patient compliance and increase patient satisfaction by providing consistent, high quality, customized patient education material. Available modules are Adult Health Advisor, Behavioral Health Advisor, Cardiology Advisor, Eye Advisor, Medication Advisor, Pediatric Advisor, Senior Health Advisor, Sports Medicine Advisor, and Women's Health Advisory.

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Allscripts MyWay is now Allscripts Professional - more info