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Lytec discountLytec an easy practice management system uniquely designed to support the needs of small, independent physicians. With streamlined scheduling and billing functionality along with complete revenue management capabilities, the practicce management software gives your practice the tools needed to manage in a changing healthcare environment.

What was added back in Lytec 2018

  • Credit Card Integration
  • ICD-10 Lookup
  • Medicare Beneficiaries Identification (MBI)
  • Integrated Electronic Patient Statements
  • Drill Down Account Receivable
  • Easy Add-on to EMR (Lytec MD)
  • Claim status update

 Lytec Demo

Lytec MD - The Only Lytec EHR Solution

Lytec-MD is a leading EMR software + medical billing software full suite among physicians today. With Lytec-MD, you keep the proven practice management system, Lytec 2015, and get the full benefits of a ONC-certfied EMR/EHR software.

Lytec MD covers all the financial aspects of your practice, appointment scheduling, document scanning, and robust reporting along with your EMR system.


Lytec MD EMR

EMR for Lytec

Lytec is a leading EMR software + medical billing software full suite among physicians today. With Lytec MD, you keep the proven practice management system and get the full benefits of a CCHIT-certfied EMR software. Lytec MD covers all the financial aspects of your practice, appointment scheduling, document scanning, and robust reporting along with your EMR system.

Lytec ICD-10 Coding Solutions

Puzzled by the transition to ICD-10? Microwize offers a broad range of solutions and training materials to help ease the move to ICD-10.

Lytec Patient Scheduling

Patient Appointment Scheduler

Lytec Scheduler improves productivity in scheduling appointments

  • Schedules, moves, or cancels appointments quickly and easily
  • Views appointments according to your office setup — by day, week, or resource
  • Prints superbills
  • Allows multiple bookings to minimize missed appointments
  • Alerts staff of patients’ co-payments and balances due

Electronic Claims Billing Software

Faster Insurance Payments, Less Hassle.

Imagine the ease and convenience of submitting all your claims electronically—both commercial and government—with full on-line audits and edits right from your medical billing software.

Electronic Patient Statements and Payments

BillFlash Electronic Statement Processing

Take the pain out of patient statements with BillFlash electronic payments. With a simple process, BillFlash will take care of the printing, folding, stuffing and mailing.  No more paper cuts!

Patient Credit Card Payments

You to accept patient credit card payments directly through the program.  No more expensive machines and long lease payments from the bank.

Lytec Cloud Server

Put your server in the cloud

With Lytec cloud, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining a server or software upgrades. Let Microwize handle the process for you including backups and remote access

Appointment Reminder Confirmation

Lytec Appointment Reminder

Lytec Automated Appointment Reminder System

Microwize delivers intelligent HIPAA compliant appointment reminders that provide patient appointment and pickup information. In addition we can:

  • Verify patient identity before delivering appointment information
  • Confirm that your patient will keep their appointment, or determine why they cannot keep their appointment
  • Reschedule appointments to future slots that would otherwise be cancelled
  • Fill empty slots with productive appointments
  • Notify patients that their orders are ready for pickup

Insurance Card Scanning


Insurance Card Scanning

With Lytec, storing patient insurance information is as easy as scanning 1-2-3.  With a click of a button, the insurance card is scanned on both sides and inserted into the patient record.

Lytec Insurance Scanner

Inventory Tracking

Lytec Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Set up inventory items and codes—you determine the reorder quantity for each item and Lytec will automatically remind you when you need to reorder.

Lytec prints the Inventory Reorder report to view the quantity at which to reorder inventory items and the current quantity on hand. Also track the number of inventory items you sell with the Inventory Sales report.

Lytec Reports

The Lytec Reports module:

  • Identifies the trends of your practice through diagnosis and procedure code analysis.
  • Tracks profitability of your referring physician network.
  • Summarizes information about the financial status and service performance of practice

Lytec ePrescribing


A lot of attention has been paid to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and its meaningful use requirements for electronic health record systems, leaving the requirements related to electronic prescribing (e-prescribing or eRx) lost in the shuffle.
But did you know that the incentives and penalties in this area will affect your practice before ARRA?

Lytec Version Matrix

Since its inception, Lytec has been a leader in practice management systems.  If you own a previous version, see how Lytec compares to your version with the Lytec Version Matrix

System Requirements

Taking the time to evaluate your needs is what we do best at Microwize.  Let us help you analyze your hardware and the requirements to run effectively on your equipment. Lytec System Requirements.

Click for Lytec ICD-10 Get Ready Step By Step

Lytec ICD-10 white paper

Prescribing Controlled Substances for Lytec

Medisoft EPCS

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