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McKesson Electronic Medical Records

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McKesson delivers electronic medical record (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) solutions which eliminate the need for paper waste caused by paper prescriptions and paper medical charts, as well as improve practices' bottom lines and make healthcare safer.

Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Medisoft products provide the features necessary to help physicians and billing services with their insurance claims and billing, all at an amazingly affordable price. A complete Medisoft system typically costs a fraction of the price of other systems. Learn more about Medisoft.

Medisoft Clinical (Medisoft EMR)

Medisoft Clinical brings you America's favorite medical billing software together with built-in electronic medical records (EMR) at a price point geared toward small practices. Learn more about Medisoft Clinical.

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Lytec 2015 Medical Billing Software

Once you see how elegant Lytec 2015 looks, you will be hooked.  You will notice that you can easily navigate your way around the application because the layout of the icons and the menus uses ribbon technology, making it very intuitive and simple.  Lytec 2015 comes in three different flavors: Lytec Single-User, Lytec Multi-User, and Lytec Client/Server.

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Lytec MD 2015

Lytec MD adds full electronic medical records to the same powerful Lytec 2015 Client/Server.

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Greenway EMR Software

Watch a quick overview video to learn how Greenway Medical enhances usability through innovation.

Greenway PRIMESuite

Greenway Medical develops solutions to support care delivery by thousands of providers across 30+ specialties (including Cardiology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, and Primary Care). With thousands of customizable templates and other clinical tools, you will be empowered with proven and effective solutions for your practice. Greenway has also made these solutions flexible so you can easily implement them into your way of delivering care.

Click here for a Greenway Medical PrimeSuite Demo

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Greenway Patient Portal

Close your eyes and imagine a patient filling out all the intake forms from the privacy of their own home. Now imagine that the patient can make their own appointment requests, submit prescription refill requests and collaborate with the provider. Imagine that patients can pre-pay their co-payment or pay an outstanding statement. Now, open your eyes and see the secure Greenway Medical Patient Portal.

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